Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seocontest2008 search engine optimization by free link building

Seocontest2008 is a search engine optimization contest organized by UK Webmaster World. The target is simple: participating SEOs, seo service providers, seo consultants, webmasters and site owners shall aim to reach top #1 position on Google search engine results page (SERP) by the end of the contest, on April 1st, 2008, 01:00 PM UK time. The contest is open to 300 participants, and actually 129 search engine optimization players enrolled in this great Google optimization contest.

What makes this contest interesting for non-participants? The experience of the contest may reveal winning seo strategies. Eventually search engine optimization service providers and seo consultants may study and analyze the methods used by the runners of this seo contest. However this is possible, but what's most interesting conclusion is:

the sponsor and organizer of the Seocontest2008, UK Webmaster World (UKWW) has a great strategy to gain relevant, content rich and perfectly seo friendly, search engine optimized links to his main site for a very low cost.

The number of participating sites (129 as of middle of March) all have to provide a link to UKWW as a condition to participating to the "seocontest2008". And all participants write some content relevant to UKWW. And 129 participants are working day by day with their best search engine optimization skills to reach a best possible ranking! This means UKWW will get for less, than the cost of a mediocre seo service for two months the result of 129 seo services working for providing valuable links to enhance UKWW's position on search engines fro two months, and building additionally about 1,000,000 or more web pages with links supporting the 129 contestant pages.

What a great deal! A genial idea! Getting better results than hiring 10 seo sevice companies, for the price of using one low cost seo service from India.

This is the most important knowledge gained from the present Seocontest2008. If you are going to get valuable back links enhancing the rank of your site, forget purchasing links, forget submitting your site to thousands of Directories and e-zines, forget asking reciprocal links from other webmasters: all you have to do is maintain a community of webmasters and seo specialists via a forum (as UKWW does) and time to time announce a contest for searh engine optimization with a prize that's enough to get attention and interest from many of your forum members. Eventually some will join to the forum just for the sake of the contest.

This experience is already so good for UKWW, that its owner already announced he will launch a new contest after the Seocontest2008, but with a much higher prize. It merits!